Owner Managed Businesses

In carrying out compliance work on your behalf, preparing annual accounts and tax computations, we employ the latest technology and draw on many years of experience. We are vigilant in highlighting tax saving opportunities. But we offer more …

If you are a sole trader or sole company director it can sometimes seem a lonely affair carrying the entire responsibility for the success or failure of your business. Even as a partner or director in a larger company you will have responsibilities where the buck stops with you.

Often, business owners become so absorbed in the day to day activity of running their operation that they fail to notice dangers and opportunities emerging from over the horizon. Even if they’re spotted there might not be enough time to tackle them effectively, or the most appropriate skills or experience might not be to hand.

At Cleverdon & Co, as well as dealing with all of the usual compliance work, we can offer something which has become extremely elusive elsewhere – time. Time to discuss the latest challenge or longer term plans and aspirations. Our qualified staff have experience of working in commerce and industry as well as many years in practice. We know what it’s like at the sharp end. Sometimes just talking in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the telephone, can be just as valuable as reviewing or projecting numbers